peg-loom woven creations

by Joyce Camp

The history of peg loom weaving is not known, but it is thought to be an ancient method of weaving fabric for clothes.  The process is very simple -- threads of yarn are woven in and out between wooden pegs which are attached to a flat board of wood, weaving back 'n forth from one end of the pegs to the other forming a crisscross or checkerboard pattern and creating a fabric of yarn.

 "I am inspired by the colors and patterns of nature in the woods which surround my home and also by the deer who peer in my window early every morning while I am weaving to let me know they are ready for their apple treats.  

I create my hats and afghans in the hope they will bring color, whimsy and beauty to everyone's lives.  Please enjoy my works of art.”

With thoughts of peace and love for all,

Joyce Camp

Please be assured that all commissioned orders and/or special orders are joyfully encouraged and welcomed.  I would love to hear from you!  Also, my decorative throws are more than just for your lap -- please feel free to use them to add color and interest to a sofa, chair or bed.  And my accent rugs will brighten up any floor or carpet.  Let your creativity and imagination come alive.  Have fun and become your own home designer!

For more information please email me at wovenwithjoy@gmail.com